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July 2012

Planning your Dream Home

By blindsbrisbane1 - July 5th, 2012, 16:48, Category: General

All of us have a dream that one day we will own and live in our dream home and, for some of us; we are already part of the way there. Of course, whether you are in your dream home or simply in a small starter home, you want to make it comfortable and secure for you and your family. Most of us automatically think that this will cost big bucks but that is not necessarily the case. There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your home is secure and comfortable.

Sometimes being more practical means that you forego the ultra-chic design ideas that you would love to get – when you own your own home you soon learn that durability, functionality and, of course, price count for a lot. You may have to; for example, forego that designer chandelier in exchange for improving the down-lighting in the kitchen. The examples that could be quoted are endless. Suffice to say, there are a lot of areas that need careful consideration when it comes to the security and comfort of your home.

One such area is the purchase of outdoor shutters. Shutters are not just an aesthetic improvement to a building – they are also a practical one that helps you to regulate heat, block out the elements and they do all this and still look good. It’s worth spending a bit extra for shutters that are going to last a while. A perfect example of really durable shutters is aluminium shutters Brisbane that can become a fixed feature on the outside of your home or flat.

These shutters will literally last a lifetime and are fantastic in that they stand up well to the elements. Forget having to re-varnish them on an annual basis – these are truly low maintenance shutters. Not only do they stand up to extreme heat, they are also good for areas that experience sever cold and will not ever rust. Ideally suited to areas where you need a bit more shade or a lot more privacy, aluminium shutters are permanently fixed to the wall to provide a discreet security and sun screen.

Carrying on with shutters as an example, they can make your dream home that much more affordable, secure and pleasant. They help to keep the sun out of your home – essential if you already have a problem with too much heat – and thus make it easier for your air-conditioner to function properly. They are also excellent at keeping prying eyes from peeking into your home – worth remembering if you ever need to whack your hubby over the head.

That just goes to show how one small, simple improvement that does not cost an arm and leg more than proves its worth when it comes to security and comfort.