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March 2012

Timber Venetian Blinds from Image Blinds

By Justin Mason - March 25th, 2012, 19:26, Category: General

The right kind of blinds
With almost three decades of experience in the industry, Image Blinds has become a trusted and reputable brand in South East Queensland. By focusing on the local market this family based company has gone from strength to strength in building a loyal customer base. Image Blinds take a lot of pride in offering top-class service and have found that this is the best way to grow their business – satisfied clients refer a lot of new clients for them. Largely considered the go-to place for Timber Venetians Brisbane and just about any other type of blind that you could want, Image Blinds uses quality materials to make up their blinds.

Denise had all but given up finding the perfect blinds for her living room when she came across Image Blind’s website. "I called up immediately and set up an appointment for them to come and take the measurements." For Denise, who really has no head for DIY, having them coming in to do everything from start to finish was perfect. "Not everyone is cut out for DIY projects and I admit that a professional blind supplier simply has to offer an installation service as well. The great range on offer by Image Blinds was perfect for me – they were the first place to offer what I was actually looking for."

Denise was looking for timber blinds because she felt that a metallic finish would be too cool and clinical. Her problem elsewhere was finding a finish that was suitably warm and stylish but still up to date. When it comes to timber Venetian blinds, finish is especially important – it can make or break the whole look of the room.

The staff at Image Blinds understand the importance of getting the look and finish right. They also understand the importance of quality and the company is proud of its proven track record of quality service and quality products at reasonable prices. Quality is assured because the company chooses only the best suppliers and their buying power allows them to offer this quality at a decent price. The company stands behind its products 100% and guarantees that, should there be a problem, it will be fixed with no muss and no fuss.

Mistakes are unlikely because of the highly trained staff and committed suppliers. Image Blinds is not a fly-by-night operation – they are experts in their field and can back up their quality guarantee. The range is huge – if a product is not stocked by Image Blinds, it is probably not worth getting at all. If they do not have what you want, they will certainly look into getting it for you – as long as the quality is right.

Shaun thought that the best part of his whole experience was the friendly and expert service that he received. "I am a DIY enthusiast and had hung blinds before but still got some great tips for my new blinds from the staff." He had chosen timber blinds Brisbane because he loves a more natural finish when it comes to décor. He was astounded by the range offered – he didn’t even bother to look any further – he figured that a company with a range like that would have the best of everything. Shaun said that he would enthusiastically endorse Image Blinds at any time.

The Advantages of Timber Blinds and Shutters

By blindsbrisbane1 - March 11th, 2012, 19:31, Category: General

When it comes to choosing blinds for your home, you may want to consider timber blinds as an alternative. Timber blinds, or shutters as they are sometimes known have a good number of advantages making them both a beautiful and useful addition to your home.
Protection from the Elements

Timber blinds Brisbane provide excellent protection from the sun and should be considered for windows that are fully exposed to the harsh sun. The blinds do still allow air to circulate and allow some light in whilst keeping out harmful UV radiation and so keep the rooms cool.
Aesthetically Pleasing

These blinds look good. They can be put up inside the house and will lend the room an airy Caribbean feel. They can also, if properly treated, be put outside windows and, if properly cared for, will last for years. Maintenance is simple – you wipe the blinds down once in a while to get rid of dust. If the blinds start looking tatty, you simply revarnish or repaint them.
Decorating them is Easy

It is simple to decorate the timber blinds – you can keep them natural and play on the natural grain of the wood or you can paint them in whatever colour you want to. Should you wish to, you can also stain the blinds. This makes them very versatile. You just need to make sure that the wood is properly sealed before applying the paint or varnish. You may need to apply more than one coat of stain or varnish. Allow each coat to dry properly and sand lightly before applying the next coat. You may need to apply a coat of all-weather varnish over the top of the last coat, especially if the blinds are going to be outside the house.
Perfect Privacy

There is no way you are going to suffer anyone being able to simply peer into your windows from the street with timber blinds. They are completely opaque and so they protect you from snooping eyes. If you want to take full advantage of the view outdoors, you simply fold back the blinds.
Easy to Clean

When it comes to cleaning, shutters Brisbane are simple to keep clean. Wooden blinds are less likely to pick up permanent stains than fabric blinds are. Any fine layer of grime can simply be wiped away – with fabric blinds, wiping away dirt may just drive it deeper into the fabric. On the whole, timber blinds are a great and practical design option for those looking to decorate their homes.