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November 2011

The Allure of Wood Venetian Blinds

By blindsbrisbane1 - November 23rd, 2011, 19:44, Category: General

The natural appeal of blinds is that they have the ability to enhance your home and office in ways you’ll never be able to achieve with curtains or shades. Assuming you choose the right material, color, and style, the blinds will transform any room from blah to glam instantly.
Venetian blinds Brisbane is just one example of what can turn a home or office into a professionally done interior. They are elegant, easy to maintain and care for, and can be installed by yourself. The original style in venetian blinds is something that is slim, plastic, and lightweight.

They’re called Venetian because traders from Venice found them in Persia and brought them home to use instead of cloth. This was during the 1700s and when slaves from Venice migrated to France, they brought the blinds with them to sell. The blinds became a huge success and the rest, they say, is history.

Fast forward to the 21st century and blinds made from aluminum are still around although manufactured under better conditions and using sturdier materials. There are even blinds made of wood or pseudo wood which are used to prevent strong sunlight from flashing into a room. The wood blinds are more expensive simply because wood is a precious commodity compared to aluminum.

The Appeal of Blinds

While curtains are quaint, blinds make a statement of richness and luxury. You can’t compare the two because one is homey and the other is elegant. Other reasons why blinds are preferable in top commercial establishments, homes in gated villages and 5 star restaurants and hotels is because they do not look cheap, even if they are affordable. The whole idea of blinds being the choice of the upper crust began when blinds were first being introduced to the market. They were ordered to specification and no one could buy blinds off the rack or in department stores. This created an image of exclusivity that has never been questioned by anyone. Today, even if you can buy pre-cut blinds in varying colors, lengths, and material, it still holds fast to the image of being something for the rich and famous, or the more expensive option in interior design.

Powerful and Strong Wooden Blinds

Timber blinds Brisbane has taken this idea of exclusivity and made wood an even more desirable style in blinds. Now if one were to be given a choice between aluminum and wooden blinds, with money as no object the instinct will automatically shift towards wooden blinds. Why? Wooden blinds have an aura of importance and dignity. Just as one would prefer wooden floors over tiles, wooden blinds have become the symbol of nobility and belonging to the poised and sophisticated and with good reason. These types of blinds are ultra-chic, tremendously alluring, and unusual. Be creative. Be bold. Turn to Venetian wooden blinds and see how a room can come alive and how awed others will be once they step inside.