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October 23rd, 2012

Shading your Windows

By blindsbrisbane1 - October 23rd, 2012, 22:39, Category: General

Image Blinds have been helping residents of South East Queensland decorate their homes tastefully for over a quarter of a century now. They have a wide selection of blinds to choose from – something for everyone’s taste and budget – and provide good old-fashioned friendly service and quality products at prices that are affordable.

Protecting our families and homes from the sun is especially important in our climate. In addition to making our homes uncomfortably hot, the sun can also cause damage to our furniture and décor. One way to combat this is by installing awnings outside your windows – awnings will protect the inside and help to keep your home cooler. Awnings that can be drawn back are especially useful.

Of course, awnings on the outside of your home have more than simply a practical appeal – they can be aesthetically important too. The right awnings can finish off your house beautifully and instantly improve the curb appeal. They will prove a valuable tool in improving the value of your home.

One of Image Blinds’ best-selling products, especially suited to the harsh Australian sun, is their retractable awnings. These are popular because they allow you to choose exactly how much shade and shelter you want. If you feel like a little bit of sun worshipping, simply roll back the awnings – great especially on those chilly winter mornings. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a shadier spot, put the awnings back in place – ideal if you need to escape from the sun.

For ease of use, motorised awnings Brisbane are recommended. Image Blinds use Somfy motors to ensure that you can control your awnings with a simple touch of a button – no cranking or winding or unsightly winches, etc. to worry about. The Somfy motor is top of the range and is hidden in the fabric roll of the awning. Out of sight is out of mind – you won’t even hear it operate, it is whisper quiet.

Image Blinds wants to make decorating your home as simple and painless as possible for you. They have an experienced team who will be able to advise you on the best solution for you and also be able to provide you with an obligation-free quote at no charge to you. Considering the wide range of awnings available, it is great to have a professional that knows what the end result will look like as a sounding board. Let a consultant from Image Blinds help you to enhance your home today.